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QUOTATION - A quotation not accepted within thirty (30) days is subject to review.  All prices are based on material costs at the time of quotation.

ORDERS - Regularly entered orders cannot be cancelled except upon terms that will compensate Diamond Business Graphics.

EXPERIMENTAL WORK - Experimental work performed at customer's request, such as composition, plates, presswork and materials will be charged for.

PREPARATORY MATERIALS - Working mechanical art, type, negatives, positives, flats, plates, engravings, electrotypes, sketches, copy, dummies and all preparatory work created or furnished by Diamond Business Graphics shall remain their exclusive property and no use of same shall be made, nor any ideas obtained therefrom be used, except upon compensation to be determined by Diamond Business Graphics.

CONDITIONS OF COPY – Upon receipt of original copy or manuscript, should it be evident that the condition of the copy differs from that which had been originally described and consequently quoted, the original quotation shall be rendered void and a new quotation issued.

ALTERATIONS – Proposals are only for work according to the original specifications.  If through customer’s error, or change of mind, work has to be done a second time or more such extra work will carry an additional charge at prevailing rates for work performed.  All corrections made from original proofs caused by customer’s error or change of mind will be charged for.

PREPRESS PROOFS – Prepress proofs shall be submitted with original copy.  Corrections are to be on “master set”, returned marked “O.K.”, and signed by customer.  If revised proofs are desired, request must be made when proofs are returned.  Diamond Business Graphics cannot be held responsible for errors under any or all of the following conditions: if the work is printed per customer’s O.K.; if changes are communicated verbally; if customer had not ordered proofs; or if the customer had instructed Diamond Business Graphics to proceed without submission of proofs.  Diamond Business Graphics reserves the right to submit proofs, when deemed in the best interest of Diamond Business Graphics and the customer.

QUANTITIES DELIVERED – Over runs or under runs of 10% of the amount ordered shall constitute an acceptable delivery and the excess or deficiency  shall be charged or credited to the customer proportionately, except in the case of special window envelopes and bags, which may exceed 10%.

CUSTOMER’S PROPERTY – All customer’s property that is stored with Diamond Business Graphics is at the customer’s risk and Diamond Business Graphics is not liable for any loss or damage therto caused by fire, water, leakage, breakage, theft, negligence, insects, rodents or any other cause beyond Diamond Business Graphics control.  It is understood that the gratuitous storage of customer’s property is solely for the benefit of the customer, and may be terminated at any time by Diamond Business Graphics.

DELIVERY – Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted is for a single shipment.  All estimates are based on continuous and uninterrupted delivery of complete order.  Partial shipments are not allowed unless expressly agreed to by Diamond Business Graphics.

DELAYS IN DELIVERY – All agreement are made on all orders accepted contingent upon strikes, fire, accident to machinery, wars, flood, labor shortages or other causes beyond Diamond Business Graphics control.

MISSING NUMBERS – Where unavoidable, will be listed, or punched in at factory’s option.

COMPLAINTS AND CLAIMS – All claims of defective merchandise should be made to Diamond Business Graphics in writing within a period of thirty

(30) days after delivery. Diamond Business Graphics shall not be liable for any costs for customer down time, programming time, processing time, or other consequential damages, including profits (or profits lost).  Diamond Business Graphics liability is limited to cost of or replacement of the product.  Failure to make such a claim with the stated period (30 days) shall constitute irrevocable acceptance and admission that the product fully complies with terms, conditions and specifications.

ORDER ACKNOWLEDGMENT – All orders will be acknowledged by us.  It is the customer’s responsibility to check specifications on our acknowledgment carefully to insure correctness of our interpretation.  Any discrepancies must be corrected immediately because of our production schedule.

INDEMNIFICATION – The customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Diamond Business Graphics from any and all loss, cost, expense and damages (including court costs and reasonable attorney fees) on account of any and all manner of claims, demands, and actions and proceedings that may be instituted against Diamond Business Graphics on grounds alleging that the said printing violates any copyrights or any proprietary right of any person, or that it contains any matter that is libelous or obscene or scandalous, or invades and person’s right to privacy or other personal right, except to the extent that Diamond Business Graphics contributed to the matter.  The customer agrees, at the customer’s own expense, to promptly defend and continue the defense of any such claim, demand, action or proceeding that may be brought against Diamond Business Graphics provided that Diamond Business Graphics shall promptly notify the customer with respect thereto, provided further that Diamond Business Graphics shall give to the customer such reasonable time as the exigencies of the situation may permit in which to undertake and continue the defense thereof.

ENVELOPE NOTES –    Standard orders are subject to 10% over or under run.

                                    Custom orders of 5,000 to 25,000 are subject to 25% over or under.

                                    Custom orders of less than 5,000 are subject to 50% over or under.

                                    More than 25,000 will be subject to 10% over or under.

                                    Manufacturing tolerance for envelope size, window size and position is 3/32”.                               

PRICES – Are subject to change without notice and any stenographic or clerical errors are subject to correction.

TERMS – Diamond Business Graphics terms are net 10.

TAXES – All taxes applicable will be added to the invoice.

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